Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You've got somethin' on your teeth...

If you're new to the blog, read this before getting a big dick.

I didn't feel like posting anything today, but I wanted to get this shit up (the last part of it, really) in case the video is removed/hidden or if Michelle starts making excuses.

First, some of the shit that's been on her Facebook page recently... (As usual all images can be clicked to be enlarged.)

1. Posting links to your own old videos? Sorry, but it sounds like her AdSense isn't filling up fast enough, and she isn't inspired enough to make a new video.

2. I don't love Tidus nor Yuna. To me, FFX was the official starting point for the FF games going downhill. She already said in a video that she's been a fan since FFVII. The earlier FF games were pretty damn great, too. IV was epic, and VI was pretty damn perfect to me. Kefka... no one can kick his ass. I'm sorry, I just really fucking hate it when she pretends to be a fantard of stuff she could probably give a fuck less about.

Uh, no, he looks like he got a bad spray tan and is sick with a cold and in the middle of a sneeze due to allergies stirred up by that horrid wig.

Oh fuck, it's the return of the terrifying circle lenses.

1. I'm sure that quote is in some sort of self defense.

2. Oh, no, she's doing "favorites" videos now? And why the fuck is she making that face? Stop it. That face is never sexy. Ever.


ALSO: Someone told me she had lipstick/stain/whatever on her teeth in this video. I asked for screencaps, but none of them are super clear. It could be mistaken for a shadow. But I'll take their word for it.

But apparently several people think it is lipstick on her teeth...

Second comment, you are right. She needs to show proof of the damn donations. Other Youtube celebs are showing evidence (Bubzbeauty, NigaHiga, etc.). She's almost never made mention of what charities were receiving how much money unless she was partnered up (and most likely paid) to do it; like with the Lancome and St. Jude video.

I'm guessing the video will either a) mysteriously vanish or b) she'll be like "it's just a shadow, not lipstick, don't hate :))))))" Buh, fuck.