Thursday, February 10, 2011

Soompi is full of idiots.

I apologize for my absence. Life got hectic, and I honestly forgot about this blog since the Michelle Phail tumblr has been doing a wonderful job with factual posts. So, hello new followers, lovers, haters, masturbates, whatever you are. Thanks for messaging me to tell me that the blog title and URL are stupid. I had different intentions for this, but meh. We'll live.


Anyway, I felt the need to rant after I was sent a link to this bullshit on Soompi that says nothing but crap about the Michelle Phail tumblr and blog.

Dear Soompi,

You guys really are fucking stupid. I mean that. Stop being such snobby immature brats and ass-kissers and open your eyes. In case you're not an idiot and willing to pay attention, let's clear some shit up:

1. GuruGossip has gone to Hell...

It really has. I was a giant lurker for a long time, and two of my friends used to post there, so I did well to keep up with it. Most of the members on there did a good job of posting nothing but facts. Yeah, immature swings were taken every once and a while. Everyone does that with people they don't like. If you sit there and said you've never done such a thing, you are a shitty liar.

I don't recall exactly when the forum went down the toilet. But at one point, nothing but drama llamas became attracted to the place. They didn't give a rat's ass about facts. They just wanted to be a part of ANYTHING drama related and cranked out nothing but bullshit to be a part of it. Yeah, we all like drama sometimes. But don't dive into it for the hell of it. Because then you're not even a troll or hater, you are just bored beyond words, and become the subject of pity.

Anyway, since GG went to hell, some of the better posters backed off (some of them completely), so I stopped checking up on the place. But from what I understand, one of the newer, immature members kept trying to post an article to EncyclopediaDramatica about Michelle. Well, that's fine, but don't make it blatant lies. That's giving her idiot minions reason to raise hell and try to jump the butt kissing Michelle bandwagon. Many of Michelle's fans run to her with drama like they'll get a fucking trophy for it. It also gives them more reason to label GG as a gathering ground for trolls. But, I'd like to clear up that not all ED articles are bad nor solid lies. Some of them are actually factual and well written. I'd give you an example of one, but the woman is a nut and threatens to sue anyone that mentions her name negatively in a blog. I rather not have her fake e-attorneys on my ass. But I'm getting off topic...

2. They don't agree with you so they MUST be a HATER!

How many times have we heard this shit? Just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't make them a hater. Get the hell over it already. So many posters on Soompi are hypocrites. They start off saying how not everyone likes the same thing and how it's okay, then proceed to bash the shit out of any naysayers, no matter how fair or truthful they are.

Also, how is it hateful when over 90% of the posts on the tumblr are screencaps (of lies from Michelle herself) and facts? Sorry, but that isn't hate no matter how badly you want it to be. Find something else to complain about. Seriously, if you didn't read the articles, don't bitch about them. That is so goddamn lazy.

3. "GuruGossip is 4chan."

AHHAHAHAHA! OH SHIT THAT IS FUNNY! Every time I see someone write that I laugh so hard. Anyone that has the audacity to say that has obviously never been to 4chan for more than 30 seconds. And I am not exaggerating.You guys must feel an increase in the size of your e-dick by mentioning 4chan like you know what it's about and you're a part of some bandwagon. As an ex 4chan troll, I feel fully confident when I say you guys are all spewing bullshit out of your mouths. Go visit 4chan. The only reference you'll be making to 4chan is 4chan.

Now, GG did have a troll problem with one or more users posting disgustingly violent, real murder scene photographs over and over. This was not a huge problem for me because I have Firefox and AdBlock Plus. But that doesn't make GG 4chan. Truly sick fucks like that are all over the internet. Sad, but true.

4. It's "disturbing how much effort they put into it."

Um, how much effort do you think they put into it? When I read comments like that, I assume they mean hours. I'm sure the ladies that work on the tumblr put no more effort into the posts than you psychos do talking shit on Soompi and kissing Michelle's lying ass.

Multiple ladies contribute to the tumblr. And I am by no means trying to degrade them, but it doesn't take much effort to get screencaps of shit that exists on public domains ON THE FUCKING INTERNET. Even the posts my MeLu, the only person that has had the lady-balls to really call out Michelle on her IQQU bullshit, don't take HOURS. All of the information from the screencaps she posted can easily be found. It doesn't take long, all you have to do is to not be a lazy ass. She didn't have to hack any accounts, kiss ass, beg for private info, or do anything special to get the information she has found for the articles. She just has courage, and a damn good head on her shoulders. She not once called anything Michelle foul, became opinionated in her writing, or got bitchy. And I salute her for having the lady-balls to make those posts. Lord knows she's going to get shit from Michelle's minions for posting facts.

Let me remind you all that has been Michelle lying about her products being FDA approved, as well as making up "FDA Asia". This means she committed fraud, which is a felony. That shit is serious, whether you're too lazy/oblivious to realize it or not. And if she gets out of this mess with a clean slate, I will be shocked. I also called the FDA myself, and a real person on the line confirmed that Michelle's IQQU products are not FDA approved. You don't have to believe me. You can call yourself.

5. The tumblr is "creepy".

If you think the tumblr is "creepy", then allow me to be the first to welcome you to your first day ever on the internet.

That's all I have to say about that crap. Other than you're really fucked up if you think the tumblr is more creepy than Michelle's soulless circle lenses. Although, even without them she's looked extra soulless recently.

Extra crap for you to read:
This post is in no way meant to offend the ladies that work on the tumblr page. I have a lot of respect for them being able to write level-headed articles with nothing but straight up facts. The people that give them hell for it obviously don't read the articles, and there is no helping them.
If you took this post into personal offense, that is your problem. You did not have to read it.
I completely acknowledge that my posts are foul-mouthed, mean, and bitchy.
Special thanks to Lolrsk8s for helping me put this crap together and for keeping me updated about this crap during my absence.
And thank you, I know I am psycho. :) Makes me far more fun than you whiny little turds that are too damn lazy to read or click links. Harhar.

Oh look! A fun .gif to wrap up the post with!