Friday, March 11, 2011

Xiaxue got ANOTHER nose job? + Fail article is FAIL.

 EDIT: A special hello to all of the butthurt minions that found my blog through the Michelle Phail Tumblr. Thanks for being evidence that "Phans" are massive hypocrites that don't read for shit. I now have AdSense. Go fucking crazy.

I'm late the party on this, I know.

The other day, one of my friends mentioned that Xiaxue got another nose job, and I laughed in her face. I honestly thought she was joking until I saw the post for myself.

I have never been a fan of XX, nor understood her popularity. She's another Paris Hilton as far as I'm concerned: Famous for nothing. 

Truthfully, I don't care what people do with their bodies, as long as they've actually put some thought into it. Physically, XX is a grown ass woman and she can do what she wants. Mentally, she acts like a severely butthurt 16 year old rebelling against the world. She is one of those "my way or the highway" people that can't accept that fans/haters on the internet have opinions, and are vicious as fuck because they are behind a monitor. I am no exception to this.

I honestly can't believe she has a fanbase. Especially after the whole "rape you with a bayonet" thing that she actually got fucking supported on. Her fans, as well as Michelle Phan, backed her up on that shit. That's so goddamn disgusting. I know sisterhood is pretty much dead, but wishing rape upon another is fucking filthy.

But back to the nose job...
I don't think XX will ever be happy with the way she looks. Ever. There was NOTHING wrong with how she looked before.

She looks stunning there. But for some reason, she felt the need to get 2 nose jobs, bleach her hair (poorly, I might add), bleach her brows to the point you can't see them, wear circle lenses almost all of the time, and obsess over other physical features of hers that don't really need to be altered. She looks fucking creepy.

 No one cares about your retainer but you.

One of my friends linked me to this garbage last night. Some how I missed it before. Probably because it's a load of stale turds.

In case you don't want to go to the page (it only contains two minion comments that are not lulzy), here's the short, oblivious article:

Ugly and unforgiving words were thrown but most were directed towards Michelle Phan.
Forums, especially the ones from GuruGossip, were hammering insults and banters on Michelle Phan's Disney Princesses video with Xiaxue. Xiaxue blogged on 2nd November on this debacle. Some called Michelle a hypocrite and scammer for making use of Xiaxue to stand up for her in her blog.
Xiaxue could not understand how Michelle could take these insults on a daily basis, but since they are also talking about her too, "I'm not gonna let them write s*** about me like that without fighting back!"
Xiaxue also mentioned in her post that her readers sent her countless links to these forums to warn her against doing a collaboration video with Michelle.
Apparently, PhanHaters existed even way before their collaborated video. Her haters actually took the trouble to create a tumblr account, name it "Michelle Phail" and blog about her on a regular basis.

Tsk Tsk. The things web celebrities go through...

Oh, dear god, Bianca Zen, do your research next time.

1. Guru Gossip is fucked. I already wrote about that. But no one should be surprised of the stuff that comes from that site. Not ever.

2. Michelle IS a hypocrite. And she's fucking filthy for standing up for XX in regards to the rape comment.

3. XX gets her fair share of shit, and just like Michelle, she practically asks for it. 

4. If Michelle wasn't able to "take these insults on a daily basis" she would have been off the internet a long ass time ago.

5. "Apparently, PhanHaters existed even way before their collaborated video." NO! REALLY? Jesus tap-dancing Christ do your fucking research, lady.

6. Don't be hatin' because the Tumblr is right and you are wrong.

7. "Tsk Tsk. The things web celebrities go through..." I hope this person is not considering a career in writing.

LOLrsk8s is an ass for getting me hooked on this show.