Monday, October 24, 2011

It's that time of year again...

Time for more Michelle Phail cosplay disasters. One of this year's victims: Chi (or Chii) from Chobits. Like no one saw that coming.


With those contacts, and that vacant facial expression, she looks like she was possessed by a drug abusing demon that's in the mood for some munches. Not attractive. Chi can get away with such eyes because 1. she's a persocom and 2. she's a fictional character.

This isn't her worse cosplay attempt. I say that because others are far worse. All the princess looks she's done were mediocre at best. However, the cosplay make-up attempts in relation to anime/manga seem to be the holy grail of failure. Nana could have easily been done better. Hatsune Miku was fucking awful. 

Trying waaaaaaay too hard.

It is completely possible to execute brilliant cosplay without adding a dozen layers of "anime eyes" make-up.

Her Sailor Moon make-up, however, will probably always be the worst. 

People, when you draw anime eyes around your real eyes, you're not fooling anyone. You don't look like you jumped out of the manga nor TV and into the real world. You look like you drew a bunch of distracting shit on your face. This is something professional cosplayers laugh at. It looks absolutely ridiculous. 

I'm not even going to stick around to see how she ruins Rinoa. The costume is bad efuckingnough. She's going to ramble for too damn long about how she's a "gamer girl" and "true love yadda yadda" and more "omg I'm such a nerd"... Jesus Christ. Stop pretending to be part of my fandoms.  

Get that shit out of here.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long time no see

Holy crap, people are still subscribed? Impressive, considering no one takes the time to post here like they used to (myself included). We were all keeping up with Lela Warren's please-sue-me-now drama, but there hasn't been an update on it from anyone involved in a month or so.
Never mind, a few minutes after posting this I scrolled across this comment on the GS Complaints Facebook page:

"I know I've been very quiet lately as I followed up on a lot of things. I have filed a FOIA request with FDA to see what the outcome of their investigation was and am awaiting contact from them. I have also been in contact with the FTC andseveral attorneys regarding the misuse of my personal information. I have been contacted by several media outlets about the GS situation as well. There is a long overdue post coming soon, although to be honest some of the issues regarding the release of my PII will have to remain between me and my attorneys for the time being. I understand your frustration and you must do what is best for you, but know that though I've gone blogsilent that does not mean I've given up personally. ~F"

And Michelle Phan is the same lying, manipulative, hiding-behind-religion, fake smiling, sellout that she's been for a long while now. And her phans are still just as hypocritical and malicious as ever.

Michelle has NOT:
- Stopped lying.
- Decided that hiding behind religion makes you look like a douche.
- Backed off on coloring her hair. Girl, give your hair a rest.
- Seized to play victim after posting photos of herself in a revealing outfit/swimsuits then claiming she got bad comments. I never saw any. I think she just wanted her fans to say stuff like "omg fuk ur hatrz". It worked.
- Cut back on the fake smiling.
- Stepped down from her I can be jack of all trades AND master of all attitude.
- Realized that she is not God's gift to the world of fashion and cosmetics.

Business as usual. Still as nauseating as ever. She's also taken up writing, directing, and acting (all for her, not for anyone else), according to one of her recent status updates. She will only get more high on herself if she releases auto-tuned music. At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened.

Oh, she also never stopped reminding people that she's Asian.

Mister Hairdresser is not pleased.