Friday, March 25, 2011

Personal experiences with IQQU/ICKEWW

If you're new to the blog, read this post before getting a big dick.

If you are completely unaware of Michelle's IQQU bullshit, please check out this post about the sunscreen, as well as this post and this one about IQQU being FDA approved and her supposedly selling the company to someone else. As well as her lying about an "FDA Asia" existing. @__@ So much wrong with that.

I am ashamed to say I have tried IQQU products. Back when I used to like Michelle Phan, LOLrsk8s' cousin wanted to try the products, specifically the serum and rice scrub, but she didn't want to be the only one testing them. We agreed to try them out, too. The farthest we made it was a little over three months.

Why the fuck did we try that shit? We were like other blind fans, and thought, "Michelle has nice skin and she uses that stuff! We should use it, too!" Oh, dear lord, how stupid we were. For the record, this was still when IQQU was new, but it was after she discontinued some kind of cream (I believe it was) that had FUCKING PRESCRIPTION-GRADE RETINOL IN IT. If you don't know what retinol is, and what it's capable of at a prescription-grade level, look it up. That much retinol is not good for younger skin unless prescribed by a dermatologist. Which Michelle lied about being. Also, if you have any info on that discontinued product, let me know. I spoken to people that tried it, but there are no screencaps from the bickering about it.

Michelle claimed that acne was bound to get worse before it got better from the use of her serum. A lot of companies claim that. It was true for me when I started using Neutrogena, except my skin stayed clear and didn't go totally batshit. Everyone's skin is different, but that serum wreaked some crazy damage.

All three of us (LOLrsk8s, her cousin, and myself) used that crap as recommended. We did get whiteheads at first. They went away eventually, but not long after that we all got giant cysts all over our faces. Cysts hurt like a motherfucker. You would know if you've ever had even one.

One thing that most likely contributed to the cysts on LOLrsk8s and myself was probably the mineral oil in the rice scrub. Mineral oil isn't friendly with acne-prone skin. Should we have looked this up ourselves? Yes, yes we should have. But Michelle, as a make-up/skin/health guru, should have made note that mineral oil IS NOT friendly with acne-prone and sensitive skin. When she was questioned about it, she either ignored comments or deleted them. She did that will all concerned/unhappy customers. Typical. Negative (but fair) reviews still don't make it onto the site.

The big regret is that we didn't take photos of the damage done, because we were so embarrassed. In fact, I only know of one dissatisfied customer that had the lady-balls to take pictures of the damage. And recently she made a post in regard's to Michelle's suspicious shit since her original IQQU post still gets attention. I salute her for taking the photos. I wish we did the same.

 Well, that was a boring story...

Anyway, I don't buy that Michelle suddenly handed over IQQU to someone else. She already lied about her crap being FDA approved, lied about there being an FDA Asia, claimed to be meeting with the FDA then said nothing else about it; there was so much backpedaling and lying it's almost impossible to process.

Oh, and someone sent me this goodie:

In case you are confused: Both "apologize" and "apologise" are accepted in American and British English. "Apologize" is more common in American writing, and "apologise" is more common in British writing. But neither use two p's. Better fix that, since it's on the front page. Not saying it's the end of the world or anything.

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