Thursday, March 24, 2011

Random crap post

Read this before you make an ass of yourself.

This isn't going to be a super exciting post. Sorry.

What's wrong with this update?

Oh, Michelle, you wouldn't know guilt if it crawled up your ass and died. The fact that she pointed out how she doesn't "feel as guilty" is a red flag to me. I'm honestly shocked she hasn't done haul videos before. But since a lot of people see her for the greedy fuck she is, she probably figured she'd be giving them reason to bitch. I'm sorry, I don't care who does haul videos for charity, I think it's ungodly tacky. Make different videos.

I didn't watch that video, fyi. That creepy smile in the screen-still terrifies me.

And then there's this...

Michelle has already done videos for this kind of "look". I know some gurus like to recreate their most popular videos after a year or so when they've made personal improvements, and have better cameras and laptops to work with. But Michelle has recreated a lot of her old videos to the point it screams, "I HAVE NO IDEAS DUUUUUUUURRRRR!"

She's also wearing an outfit that is stereotypical office wear, but a lot of people that work in offices actually don't dress like that. At least not after a while. I'm sure there are a few girls that get balls to the wall pretty every single day, but the office workers I know do not.

I think she removed one of the videos where she did an office look. It involved some brush/comb combo that she got paid to advertise. She probably removed it because she loves blowing off the FTC as hard as she can.

So, within the same 24 hours that Michelle talked about uploading this shit, Bubz announced she uploaded an office look. And here's where a shit ton of comparison comments pour in. I bet money if they were not both Asian no one would compare them.

This comment in particular irked me:

1. Michelle Phan is not a professional. She didn't go to school for this. She got lucky on Youtube, and used Google for mild research for some of her videos.
2. She might as well be a robot. She's heartless. No offense to robots.
3. Class? IRL LOL.

I gotta agree with the Rebecca Black shit. A majority of the comments were related to her, and I can't stand that auto-tuned fail asshole. Who the fuck in their right mind funded that fucking music video?

Anyway, Bubz's video was okay. As I have said in a past post, I admire her, she seems real, she is classy about how she deals with haters, she admits her flaws, and I really like her comedy channel. I don't think her make-up skills, however, are too great. Specifically the way she applies eyeliner. It's always uneven and bumpy. But, yeah, she's still awesome.

This ended weirdly. Have this: