Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's your own damn fault

Yep, we're still updating. Occasionally. 

First off: We've been getting some whiny e-mails about how we have temporarily disabled comments until we get some stuff solved. E-mails addressing that we are pussies, we will be unsubscribed to, etc. Look, if it really pisses you off that bad, you don't have to follow this blog. Just sayin'.

This post contains no screen caps. You can go to NYX's Facebook fan page to see the fail for yourself. 

Anyway, a few of my friends and myself had a money bet going on about NYX Cosmetics online "thank you to our fans" sale. The bet was in regards to how long the site would shut down, but it was gonna happen, no matter what. The site did indeed crash very early on. And I believe it's been that way all day, with the exception of a few instances that only the front page would load. NYX, however, has been updating the shit out of their page to let the fans know they were working on the problem. The updates were so constant they got incredibly annoying, and at one point it was all I saw in my news feed. 

LOLrsk8s and myself made a separate bet about how nasty the fans would react to the website being shut down. I thought that since NYX was making constant updates, and actually seemed to give a shit as opposed to other companies, fans might react a little better. Holy shit, I was wrong. 

LOLrsk8s called it:
"There are going to be so many whiny assholes. Having a giant pissing contest won't fix the site faster. And can you imagine how many idiots are going to complain about how they spent "hours" or "the entire day" waiting on the site to be back up? Do they not realize how stupid that makes them look? If you spent aaaaaaall day waiting to grab some cheap lipsticks, that is your own goddamn fault."
Hopefully, NYX will not be damaged by this, since they actually seem to give a fuck. But if I ran a site and it was unveiled that I had really bitchy fans, I'd be like, "Oh, you can't wait for this? Are you gonna be dead in the next 24 hours or something?" I'd like to see those turds try to run a massive cosmetics website and manage a sale.