Friday, March 11, 2011

No, Linda Le, you are not a "geek".

***This isn't a post about Michelle Phan. It just mentions her.

Linda Le, AKA Vampy Bit Me, is a "model", and I guess a "writer". And apparently a "geek" and a"gamer". All that shit is in quotes because I think it's all a big load. The only thing she does for her modeling photos is dress up. She almost always wears the same make-up, same circle lenses, same lid tape, same mouth sort of open "teehee" look... Nothing unique. She's also been recognized as a cosplayer, which is bullshit because she doesn't make her own costumes, she is provided with them already made, and she has connections with professional photographers. Not far to the rest of the community.

As for being a "gamer", she's as much of a gamer as Michelle is, if that tells you anything.

 Who the fuck gets full blown dolled up to play a video game?

In case you are confused on the different types of gamers, please refer to this (click to enlarge):

Michelle and Linda are "GURL gamers".

Linda Le does the same thing when ever she posts pictures or videos involving games: You can tell her make-up is fresh and she picked out something to wear just for that. Usually a low-cut top and short-shorts. Look, I don't have anything against women with big boobs or tit jobs, but you don't have to show your cleavage all the damn time. I'm not saying nerdy, dorky, geeky, etc. girls have to be ugly, or can't be sexy. I know plenty of girl gamers that are pretty damn fine. But when you bring up some type of technological luxury, and you almost always attach a photo of yourself featuring your cleavage and fresh make-up, I'm just not fucking buying into it. Don't get all prettied up just to take a photo of yourself with a new game in the box or your new phone.

I don't believe that Linda just happens to always enjoy the most popular anime, games, manga, etc. She pretends to be a "jack of all trades, master of none", like Michelle, and it's annoying to no end. However, Linda, unlike Michelle, lacks a large female fanbase. I know plenty of models of different genres that have a large female fanbase. Probably because they don't sense any fake "look at me whoring myself out" shit. Michelle has a lot of people tricked, still occasionally makes make-up videos, and doesn't show off her cleavage as often, so of course girls might like her more. But I'm getting derailed.

I know a ton of men that are batshit for Linda, and I'm sick of hearing about her. I almost shat a brick when I was linked to this article.

I am sick and damn tired of these frames. They're not "geeky", they're not "hipster", 
they're to hold lenses to improve your goddamn eyesight.

Before I disagree with that crap, I'll start off by saying the obvious: Every woman is different.

1. Everyone has a different opinion of what is intelligent and fun talk. Example: LOLrsk8s enjoys talking about ichthyology and herpetology, I enjoy discussing microbiology. Do you think every woman enjoys hearing about that stuff? No. Do you think all women want what can be considered an "intelligent" conversation? No. Discover what she likes before talking about crap your are knowledgeable on, else you'll look like an asshole.

2. DON'T over compliment? That is dangerous advice. Some women love never-ending compliments. But again, every woman is different. Gotta find out what she likes.

3. Is Linda suggesting Googling the person to find out about them? That's fucked up. Before I was married I dated a guy that apparently Googled me, hellbent on finding sites I was on. Why didn't he just ask for my account names? ASK ABOUT THIS STUFF. QUESTIONS ARE A GOOD THING.

4. To an extent, yes, they will care what kind of car you drive. No one likes a rape van. More importantly, your driving better be safe.

5. I have never met a woman that enjoyed being beat in a video game. Especially one she favors. Don't make it a priority to win, asshole.

6. No shit, Sherlock. I'd put a picture here, but I used it already in my previous post.

Linda might be the most amazing person ever in real life. But I cannot stand her internet personality. I think she needs to do some modeling that requires different body language and facial expressions, and she needs to stop pretending to like every "nerdy" thing ever to come off as every man's dream come true. Men with even a lick of common sense won't buy into that shit. They may go, "Oh, look, boobs." and move on, but that's it. Or maybe that's what she wants.