Friday, March 25, 2011

Ina Garten done fucked up

This is not an MP related post.

Despite my vicious personality portrayed on this blog, I try not to immediately latch onto dramatic news, especially when it comes from TMZ. But, the recent updates about Ina Garten are hard to ignore.

My sister is was a fan of Ina, so I'm no stranger to her. Her books are okay, but I can't stand her personality on her show, and how all the ingredients have to be "good"... Like I was going to pick the shitty ones in the back of the pantry...

Anyway, according to this post on TMZ, Ina denied a young boy from the Make-A-Wish foundation his wish to cook with her not once, but twice. Freakin' TWICE. Supposedly, she couldn't do it the first time because of a book tour. Really, a fucking book tour? Lady, you haven't written any books that America is doing back-flips over. I doubt your tour was that busy.

No real reason was given for the second rejection to my knowledge, just this:
A rep for Garten tells us, "Despite her demanding schedule, [Ina] participates and helps as many organizations as she can throughout the year, helping children and adults like Enzo with life threatening and compromising illnesses.

The rep continues, "Unfortunately, as much as she would like to, it's absolutely impossible for her to grant every request she receives."

No offense to the kid, or anyone that wants to meet Ina, but I'm fairly certain very few people have a dying wish to meet this asshole. So, I'm sure she has some time to spare. Ina probably rarely gets requests for anything. She gets presented money to do shit to keep up with her expensive ass house and wardrobe of horrid denim shirts.

The Food Network Humor blog probably hit the nail on the head with reasons why Ina declined. There's a ton of "excuses" in the comments section of the blog, but I'm not buying a single damn one of them. Yeah, she does seem more comfortable around gay men, as opposed to straight men, other women, and kids. But that is no excuse. She probably doesn't like kids, which is still no excuse. But that aside, this comment sums the whole thing up for me:
"I will no longer be watching her show, supporting her cookbooks or watching anything that she is on. I refuse to support someone who can somehow find time to entertain celebrities but appears to be above making a wish come true for someone that truly deserves it."
 I do hope the story is false. Inaccurate if nothing else.

Ugh... No, just no...