Thursday, March 10, 2011

More insanity from Michelle's "Phans".

It's not a surprise to anyone at this point that a majority of Michelle's fan base is made up of absolute assholes. They certainly reflect the personality of their guru.

Michelle recently made an announcement of a fake Facebook page and asked her fans to flag it only because people were saying rude things about her on it. 1. It's the internet, Michelle. Get used to it. No one did anything outstandingly bad. 2. So, the other fake pages are okay? I see how it is.

LOLrsk8s was nice enough to screen cap these and send them to me. I had zero interest in going to the page for myself to see what was happening. Insults, wishes of death, pure assholery. What else is to be expected from her minions?

Click the images to enlarge them.

Aaaaand more...

And this is the last of it. It was all the same shit.

Why do people do this? Why the fuck do they announce the same shit over and over? "IT'S A FAKE!" OH, REALLY? IT'S ONLY BEEN SAID SEVERAL HUNDRED TIMES. A FEW HUNDRED MORE WON'T HURT.

Then, from what I was told, several fans and non-fans began to point out how bad it was that people were plaguing the page with insults and death threats, and how that put them on the same level as the person that made the profile. Well, no, it doesn't. The person that made the profile never once uttered a death threat, to my knowledge.

A few comments pointed out how Michelle only asked people to flag the page, not to insult the person, and that she would not approve. Apparently, she does approve. Just look at her past "I'm better than you" behavior. She's never made a point to talk about how her fans cyber-bullying, and making asses of themselves in general, isn't the best thing to do. For someone that occasionally speaks against cyber-bullying (then harasses the shit out of a 16 year old on Twitter), posts about being a good Christian, and avoiding negativity, she sure welcomes the drama llama into her life with open arms. Michelle is obviously unhappy with her life. Money really doesn't buy happiness, at least not all of the time.