Friday, March 25, 2011

An assortment of... I don't even know...

If you're new to this blog, read this post before getting a big dick.

I'm gonna try and post the random clutter before I get to the core of the post. Because I'm not solid on what's going on.

Oh, goody. I saw what this mess looks like, now I won't feel tempted to watch the crappy video for it.

Looks like every other tutorial she's ever done. She looks bored as shit. *yawn* Moving on...

1. Quality over quantity, you say? Stop trying to be a sneaky hater, Michelle. You lack both quality and quantity.

2. No. You don't need a fucking piano. You will never learn how to play it. It will it there and get no use other than appearing in the backgrounds of photos. And way to post one of the most popular piano pieces from the FF series. Some "nerd" you are. Play the old games, lazy. No, she'll just hire someone to play hem for her.

Now we get to the point where I don't know what's going on 100%. If you know what's going on, have links, screencaps, etc. please discuss in the comments.

I don't check XiaXue's blog. I can't stand seeing her overly photoshopped face, split ends, and bad cosmetic surgery. I can't stand her shitty-ass attitude and psycho-fuck fans. But apparently some guy named Peter (I think) gave her shit for whatever reason. He was hateful, racist, and when it was found out he faked having a girlfriend (making separate accounts pretending to be her), XX rose all hell and the death threats poured in. She seems to find it funny telling people to kill themselves. And Michelle heavily supports this behavior. We know this from the whole people need to get "raped" with a "bayonet" thing.

Anyway, Peter shouldn't have beat the wasps' nest. But XX, as usual, chose to me immature as fuck and wreak more havoc by talking about the guy killing himself and fully supporting her minions to encourage him to commit suicide. I'm a total bitch-tit, but I don't support death threats. I never will. It's not funny.

What came of that? This post by Bubz. If it isn't obvious by past posts, Bubz has my support. She's had far more severe hater issues than Michelle (trust me on that one, it would take too long to explain), but she always finds a classy way to deal with the bullshit. How does she manage? I'm not entirely sure. I guess because she has a real and enjoyable life. There is passion in her videos, she has her clothing line, she's working on a make-up brush line, and she just seems to enjoy life. Unlike rich, spoiled Michelle that does no real work and has no real friends; only people that ride her coattails. Even that won't last forever.

Anyway, some time after that post Michelle posted this steaming pile of fresh shit:

You can click that to enlarge it, btw. Michelle, I know you have stupid fans that think you're an innocent person, but I'm sure you are the only one that views yourself as holy. She totally reached up her own ass to pull out this shit. I don't think anyone said a goddamn word to her in regards to her supporting XX being a total bitch. Michelle wants drama in her life. Even if she has to bullshit to provoke the crap that already exists.
And, of course, she once again hides behind religion. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Whatever, psycho.

And was this Tweet to Bubz REALLY CALLED FOR?

That comes off as malicious as hell. No shit stress causes wrinkles, you damn back-handed bitch. Lying your ass off and being a shit person will cause the karma fairy to give you some mean ass wrinkles later down the road, as well. Why don't you admit to being pissed with someone instead of playing the passive-aggressive I'm-not-really-mad-but-I-am card?

She wants to start more shit. She really does. There was no need, no need to Tweet that snide ass crap to Bubz.

I don't even know how to end this. Dammit all.

Ugh, no, let's try something cute...

Much, much better.


I was sent this and told that Bubz posted it on her page (click to enlarge)...

That is the nicest fucking thing I have read in a long time. This is the stuff Michelle pretends to live by and lies about. Disgusting. I'm glad Bubz isn't corrupt; I hope she never is.