Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's get back to "normal" posting, shall we?

What's wrong with this? All of it. I doubt anyone said they "hated" the video. Maybe a comment or two out of a fuck ton. The big problem is that Michelle has never been accepting of constructive criticism. Even the most thoughtful, and helpful comments are treated just the same as "ur vids r stoopid" and "fuck you" comments. I guarantee you her obsession with deleting comments is far from over.

These videos are boring. I rather be sitting in history class. Hell, I rather go to the park and watch dogs squeeze out turds. Lots of gurus are doing this now. A lot of channels have spawned just for stuff like this. And this shit is far from new. It's really been stuffed in our faces for the past 2-3 years. And plenty of websites and magazines republish this stuff every freaking season like it's brand damn new. But Michelle has been out of original ideas for a long time now, so it's not a surprise.

And I suddenly remembered that she never uploaded that Ice Princess tutorial she filmed with Promise. She said the lighting sucked, and wanted to re-film it. Here's a tip: Don't film when the lighting sucks ass.

Why doesn't she give credit for those quotes? Oh, yeah, because some of her minions are stupid enough to believe that she (Michelle) actually said that stuff. And she loves it.

One again, Michelle is trying to convince everyone that she is a gamer girl when she is a "GURL gamer". I remember being a kid in the 90's playing video games, and getting made fun of. Now, apparently, you're shit if you don't play video games. But as long as you play one or two games that everyone and their grandma is playing, it counts. Right, Michelle?


This is a repost.

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A translation for the "minions" that do not like reading, and only like complaining:
This is an opinionated blog. You do not have to read it. "Entertainment purposes" can best translate to: Take it with a grain of salt. Love it or hate it, it's your decision and time spent reading/commenting. If you assume these posts are rage-filled and find discomfort of any kind from reading them, that is your own problem. If you complain with the intent of bothering one of the authors, do not receive the reply you desired, and come back to complain more, that is your time spent. If you receive backlash for a comment you made, it is not our responsibility. We are not your parents.

Damage Control

We recently experienced an issue with a few anons attacking registered members (that follow this blog), making death threats, and claiming to release personal information against said followers among several posts. The posts have been removed, so there will now be broken links throughout the blog. We apologize for this.

We have stated previously that we do not approve of death threats. We also do not approve of anyone releasing personal info (that has been kept private) against he others (addresses, phone numbers, etc.). And we will not tolerate anyone encouraging the hacking of someone's account just because of disagreements that could easily be avoided all together by not willingly visiting the comments. Hacking is a felony, and if we are contacted for evidence in regards to a hacking, we will provide honest evidence.

As of right now, there is no commenting. It is easier for us to deny/disable comments rather than continuously make an effort to clean up the messes that are left in our absence. Our apologies to the people that never abused that privilege.

And thanks to the people that assisted in the clean up.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I want to know something

Hello lovers, haters, and masturbaters (lol Shimmy). It's Ty again. I'm going to be writing everything for a while and saving it all as drafts so E.B. can approve it all. So get used to the cluster fuckery. Anywho, I was reminded of something MP related today and I don't believe the situation ever got a direct answer. Some of you might be familiar with Michelle's old ass "Electric Zoo" contest, where the winner would receive a trip to LA to go to some club that looked like it was for Asians only. Here's a screen still from that Michelle's "improvised" make-up:

Oh, honey, could you be more sloppy? At least put some damn mascara on. What a poor rip of ManWomanFilm's zebra look. And for the minions that were not around during the time this occurred, yes bitches that is a real screen still. She's been half assing her videos for a good while now. Michelle was called out on the rip, and despite her constant claims of having never seen MWF's looks before, she eventually caved and screened or deleted the video. And as a special shout-out to mzddd22 on Youtube: Honey, your zebra look was not "inspired" by MWF. It was the same damn thing, it's a copy. It loks fine, btu it's a damn copy. Anywho, the girl that won the contest was, of course, Asian. Her "Kevin" (from Disney/Pixar's UP) inspired look is still on Youtube.

So, here is my question: Did she ever get flown out to LA for the super racist Asian club thing? Or was this yet another fake contest by Michelle Phalse with a predetermined winner so she can cover her ass?

More Taeyeon stuff

Hi, I'm not the normal poster. E.B., that's what I call her, posted some FAQ crap and got the hell off. I'm Ty. That's right, I have a penis. I've made minor contributions here before. Like you care. I just saw the whole SNSD thing with Taeyeon being pulled off stage. This crap is going to be all over Facebook for a long ass time. Damn it. And I'm not updating the first post for this because I don't want to. Gotta back track if you wanna see the first post, tough shit. I've got some more screen caps of the douche-bag comments for you all. More fans claiming they'd kill the man, all over some Asian singer they will never get to know in real life.

I've never linked a Youtube video on here before. Looks like shit as I'm writing this. But, anyway, you can see the guy come on stage in plain sight and grab Taeyeon. Where the fuck was security? I know that man is clearly a loon, but come on, security should have prevented him from getting back stage at all.

Taeyeon has some real asshole fans

I'd like to take the time to acknowledge one special "hater" that has been giving my blog a good bit of traffic by putting up the, "I'm gonna point out the obvious and act like I'm better than you" front. Thanks for the traffic. But just remember that if you honest to God hate this blog, you really contradict yourself by coming back time and time again and making it known that you do keep up with the posts, especially when you're keeping up with the dates of when shit's going down. But if you want something to willingly be angry about, then you are in the right place! Hooray!


My Facebook page (well, anyone that keeps up with SNSD via FB) was suddenly flooded to death with news of SNSD's Taeyeon being pulled off stage by a stranger. 

What? Just, what? Where the hell did he think he was going with her? More importantly, where the hell was security to keep this guy out in the first place?

Miss Taeyeon has some pretty delusional fans. Apparently, calling someone a "dog face", among other things, will magically put this man behind bars faster or something.

Click to enlarge, blah blah you know how this works. 

I'm not defending the guy, nor saying he's attractive. But geez, it's like a "dog face" bandwagon all over that page. And I like that one physical threat. I'm sure s/he would have jumped the stage and punched the man clean in the face and saved the day. Not.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I DID NOT SCREEN CAP ANY OF THESE, nor did I write anything on them. Some posters over at GuruGossip got all of these delightful gems, and wrote on them. I wanted to post them myself just in case they were to vanish. These are posted in no specific order. Most of them are in regards to Michelle's "Haters are just confused admirers" status update on Facebook, that has been deleted due to the fact that Michelle can't stand it when anyone disagrees with her, no matter how nice they are about it.

If you screen capped any of these, feel free to come take credit.
And yes, she said, "Haters are just confused admirers". Really? Jesus tap-dancing Christ, Michelle... Get off of your high horse before it kicks you clean off and into a pile of cow doodie. 

^^^ I fucking love that comment so much you have no idea.

^^^ Kind of amusing how Michelle says, "We're all hypocrites" instead of "I'm hypocritical". God forbid she single herself out in the wrong. While I firmly believe that everyone has hypocritical moments, it's painfully obvious that Michelle believes she is perfect and can do no wrong. She she says stuff like that to cover her ass. It isn't really working out for her anymore.

^^^ Michelle has rarely done anything to thank her fans and psychotic minions. She has the money to host contests and give-a-ways out the ass, yet she doesn't. She won't even acknowledge a fan 9 out of 10 times unless there's riff-raff going on and they're in her favor and/or kissing her ass.


Michelle does have some smart fans. ^^^ And lol, "weak sauce". 

I think that's everything. Truth be told, I'm surprised Michelle hasn't hired an intern, or something, to monitor the shit out of her pages and delete anything that can be taken negatively. Even if it's a comment where someone gave her an innocent inch, and she stretched it out a mile to find something completely out of context to claim it to be a hateful comment.

A REAL cherry blossom tutorial

If you are new here or a lazy minion that wants to bitch, read this first.
^^^ The disclaimer page has been updated for the big kids. I actually do appreciate rude comments; they're proof that Michelle's fans are malevolent. But, thanks also to the people that leave nice comments. I didn't forget you guys. <3 ALSO, ADSENSE.

Well, I got behind on posts. Again. Shit happens. I have a lot of crap that needs to be posted; I might knock another post out after this one.

Anyway, some of you regular readers might recall that Michelle did a half-assed cherry blossom make-up tutorial to raise money for Japan's earthquake/tsunami relief fund. The look, at best, was very lazy. Lighting sucked, colors were muddy, no real effort. For someone that lies to the FDA and FTC, and gets paid by Lancome to do one make-up video a month, you'd think she'd give more of a shit (even if the video wasn't for Lancome). Especially since her updates, specifically make-up tutorials, are rare as hell now. She looks so bored in her videos it almost seems painful.

Anyway, I, as well as a few other contributors, are giant fans of ManWomanFilm on Youtube. We appreciate her looks, the variety of music, settings, and even occasional little shows thrown into her videos. She has uploaded two Cherry Blossom tutorial videos, and we love them. There have been some pretty lulzy comments with people comparing/favoring ManWomanFilm over Michelle. Personally, I think there is no comparison; MWF has a different style about herself and obviously makes videos for fun, not money.

I didn't post screen caps comparing the looks, because I want you all to go to MWF's channel and see her videos for yourself.

No funny picture this time. Sorry.

EDIT: Forgot to post a link to this. The Tumblr already posted it, but I am too, because I like it. If you don't check out the link, at least read this paragraph from it:
"Michelle isn’t just a beauty blogger anymore, guys. She has entered the professional world, she did so a little more than a year ago. I don’t really care that she makes mistakes, if she would suck it up and take responsibility for them, or at least acknowledge that they happened. But she doesn’t. That is why people nitpick, and why people get pissed off when she makes huge mistakes. She blatantly lies to her fans and they eat it up, they eat it up like a dog given a snack."