Saturday, March 26, 2011

You didn't post opinions, U MUST B A HATER!

If you are new to this blog, read this post before getting a big dick.

Chances are if you pay attention to this blog, you found it through the Michelle Phail Tumblr. And if that is the case, you probably have already seen, or will see, this post.

That poor Tumblr page seems to attract more vicious assholes than any other site, including this one. People come here with their undies in a knot for many reasons, may it be my swearing, calling Michelle a liar and heartless bitch, or even just because I don't fucking like her. But as I've said several times before, the Tumblr is straight up facts. No opinions. Yet the minions go there with "I can't believe people like you exist" and "you're stupid for hating Michelle" comments, as well as the normal list of insults.

It amuses me when someone makes a very foul and insulting comment then wraps it up with "spread the love" or "btw I'm not a fan of Michelle's". Yes you are, you just wrote a short essay defending her and calling everyone else assholes. Don't think you can throw that in there to save yourself from looking like a self-righteous dick.

Seriously, let's break this down:
The Tumblr showcases some crazy shit Michelle has done, such as sending her minions to bitch out a 16 year old on Twitter, posting a snide apology for the attack (much later), the heaps of lies about IQQU and the FDA, being an ass to other gurus, being an ass to her fans, sending her minions to attack what ended up being an innocent fan-page ran by a 13 year old fan on Facebook, and so much more. No opinions included. No trash-talk included. It's as straight-up honest as it gets.

Yet, people go to the Tumblr claiming the contributors are heartless, have no lives, must be fat, must be ugly, must be jealous, need to die, need to commit suicide, etc. and form such insults into a few paragraphs in an attempt to look smart and "right" while being rude and sometimes trying to make it personal. All over quotes and screencaps (some of which Michelle never deleted). The truth hurts, doesn't it?

Those people are blind minions. They probably haven't read a damn thing on the Tumblr, except for maybe entry titles, and all they know is that it disagrees with what they love, and they can't stand that. The only way they know to act is to be as rude as possible. Has that ever got them what they wanted out of life? Do they call their parents "stupid bitches" when they don't get a ride to the mall? I sure as hell hope not.

I can understand we all have at least one thing in our life we guard viciously to the point we are illogical. But a make-up guru on Youtube? That's what you're immaturely, and stupidly defending? She must not mean that much to you if you're okay with telling people that don't agree with you to go die. Seems like if you genuinely love something, you'd have a good head on your shoulders about it. But Michelle's "phans" reflect who she is; a very snide, money-hungry, deceptive person that hides behind God. And sometimes Photoshop.

Do I expect anyone to take this seriously? No, not really. But I like the Tumblr a lot. And I admire the contributors for not getting rudely opinionated, unlike myself. You can call me a hypocrite all you want. You can even tell me to kill myself if you want. You're just providing more evidence that Michelle is thrilled to have such horrible, nasty fans that are foul to the point they wish ill-will and death upon others.

Once again, I don't know how to end a post.

Have this: