Thursday, April 14, 2011

A REAL cherry blossom tutorial

If you are new here or a lazy minion that wants to bitch, read this first.
^^^ The disclaimer page has been updated for the big kids. I actually do appreciate rude comments; they're proof that Michelle's fans are malevolent. But, thanks also to the people that leave nice comments. I didn't forget you guys. <3 ALSO, ADSENSE.

Well, I got behind on posts. Again. Shit happens. I have a lot of crap that needs to be posted; I might knock another post out after this one.

Anyway, some of you regular readers might recall that Michelle did a half-assed cherry blossom make-up tutorial to raise money for Japan's earthquake/tsunami relief fund. The look, at best, was very lazy. Lighting sucked, colors were muddy, no real effort. For someone that lies to the FDA and FTC, and gets paid by Lancome to do one make-up video a month, you'd think she'd give more of a shit (even if the video wasn't for Lancome). Especially since her updates, specifically make-up tutorials, are rare as hell now. She looks so bored in her videos it almost seems painful.

Anyway, I, as well as a few other contributors, are giant fans of ManWomanFilm on Youtube. We appreciate her looks, the variety of music, settings, and even occasional little shows thrown into her videos. She has uploaded two Cherry Blossom tutorial videos, and we love them. There have been some pretty lulzy comments with people comparing/favoring ManWomanFilm over Michelle. Personally, I think there is no comparison; MWF has a different style about herself and obviously makes videos for fun, not money.

I didn't post screen caps comparing the looks, because I want you all to go to MWF's channel and see her videos for yourself.

No funny picture this time. Sorry.

EDIT: Forgot to post a link to this. The Tumblr already posted it, but I am too, because I like it. If you don't check out the link, at least read this paragraph from it:
"Michelle isn’t just a beauty blogger anymore, guys. She has entered the professional world, she did so a little more than a year ago. I don’t really care that she makes mistakes, if she would suck it up and take responsibility for them, or at least acknowledge that they happened. But she doesn’t. That is why people nitpick, and why people get pissed off when she makes huge mistakes. She blatantly lies to her fans and they eat it up, they eat it up like a dog given a snack."