Sunday, April 17, 2011

I want to know something

Hello lovers, haters, and masturbaters (lol Shimmy). It's Ty again. I'm going to be writing everything for a while and saving it all as drafts so E.B. can approve it all. So get used to the cluster fuckery. Anywho, I was reminded of something MP related today and I don't believe the situation ever got a direct answer. Some of you might be familiar with Michelle's old ass "Electric Zoo" contest, where the winner would receive a trip to LA to go to some club that looked like it was for Asians only. Here's a screen still from that Michelle's "improvised" make-up:

Oh, honey, could you be more sloppy? At least put some damn mascara on. What a poor rip of ManWomanFilm's zebra look. And for the minions that were not around during the time this occurred, yes bitches that is a real screen still. She's been half assing her videos for a good while now. Michelle was called out on the rip, and despite her constant claims of having never seen MWF's looks before, she eventually caved and screened or deleted the video. And as a special shout-out to mzddd22 on Youtube: Honey, your zebra look was not "inspired" by MWF. It was the same damn thing, it's a copy. It loks fine, btu it's a damn copy. Anywho, the girl that won the contest was, of course, Asian. Her "Kevin" (from Disney/Pixar's UP) inspired look is still on Youtube.

So, here is my question: Did she ever get flown out to LA for the super racist Asian club thing? Or was this yet another fake contest by Michelle Phalse with a predetermined winner so she can cover her ass?