Saturday, April 30, 2011

Damage Control

We recently experienced an issue with a few anons attacking registered members (that follow this blog), making death threats, and claiming to release personal information against said followers among several posts. The posts have been removed, so there will now be broken links throughout the blog. We apologize for this.

We have stated previously that we do not approve of death threats. We also do not approve of anyone releasing personal info (that has been kept private) against he others (addresses, phone numbers, etc.). And we will not tolerate anyone encouraging the hacking of someone's account just because of disagreements that could easily be avoided all together by not willingly visiting the comments. Hacking is a felony, and if we are contacted for evidence in regards to a hacking, we will provide honest evidence.

As of right now, there is no commenting. It is easier for us to deny/disable comments rather than continuously make an effort to clean up the messes that are left in our absence. Our apologies to the people that never abused that privilege.

And thanks to the people that assisted in the clean up.

- EiPS crew