Sunday, April 17, 2011

More Taeyeon stuff

Hi, I'm not the normal poster. E.B., that's what I call her, posted some FAQ crap and got the hell off. I'm Ty. That's right, I have a penis. I've made minor contributions here before. Like you care. I just saw the whole SNSD thing with Taeyeon being pulled off stage. This crap is going to be all over Facebook for a long ass time. Damn it. And I'm not updating the first post for this because I don't want to. Gotta back track if you wanna see the first post, tough shit. I've got some more screen caps of the douche-bag comments for you all. More fans claiming they'd kill the man, all over some Asian singer they will never get to know in real life.

I've never linked a Youtube video on here before. Looks like shit as I'm writing this. But, anyway, you can see the guy come on stage in plain sight and grab Taeyeon. Where the fuck was security? I know that man is clearly a loon, but come on, security should have prevented him from getting back stage at all.