Thursday, August 19, 2010

What happened to her pets?

Most of you may recall Mr. Bun Bun, who sadly passed away not too long ago. But what about her cat in Florida named Mia, her fish named Pluto, and her guinea pig named Mr. Snuggles?

Let's start off with the guinea pig (click the images to enlarge them):

Personally, I don't recall her saying what she did with Mr. Snuggles. If anyone has any information on that (or screen caps) please share.

Despite not being allowed to have pets, she got a fish and a cat:
Wow, you can barely see the fish.

Going back to the fish, it seems Michelle put the fish in a shitty giant cup with a giant castle to keep the cat out, but the cat ate the fish anyway. I call bullshit. That setup is fucking horrible for any fish. That fish probably died because it had little room to move.

Before I get to Mr. Bun Bun, let's talk about what happened to Mia. As seen above, Mia was adopted. However, drama on Twitter says otherwise:

You seem to be very bothered by anons, Michelle. Even more bothered that you were called out.
So, if Michelle and her roomie adopted Mia together, why wasn't her post "we" adopted a cat? Why was the housemate never mentioned before? Why did Michelle go on and on about how lonely she was and how NO pets were allowed?

No, Michelle, you don't keep a lot of your life private from the internet. If you had a roomie you would have blabbed about it.

There have been many times when Michelle said that the cat came with the house. What, did the cat come with the house like a couch or microwave? She's also claimed that Mia was a neighborhood cat. A lot of people believe she just left the animal, and there is enough evidence to support that.

Now, onto Mr. Bun Bun.

She featured Mr. Bun Bun in a lot of her videos, most likely to pull in a bigger audience by having a cute, fluffy animal by her side. Not too long ago, he sadly passed away from kidney failure. Her half sister is supposedly the one that posted "RIP Mr. Bun Bun" on Michelle's Facebook page. After this, Michelle's fans were nearly constantly asking her about the rabbit. And it took how many weeks for her to finally say that the rabbit died?! How heartless! Even more heartless is the fact that she never cared:

Now, I've heard from people that know Michelle in real life that she was in LA partying wither her current boyfriend Carl Choi while the rabbit was drying. The fact that she didn't put Mr. Bun Bun to sleep and let him die a painful death of kidney failure is bad enough, but the fact that she lied about being with him... I don't even know.

If anyone has any more screen caps or quotes, bring 'em on.

All screencaps are from Ugh at GuruGossip.