Thursday, August 19, 2010

Misleading quotes

If you're not a stranger to the guru wold, you know of secretlifeofabionerd. Just about anyone that keeps up with her blog is familiar with this post, because a lot of us can relate. But the biggest thing that caught my attention in her post was this:

"Why I don't religiously follow her? 

Well, I use to follow her like  a god when she was RiceBunny on Xanga (during my sophomore/junior year of college).  It wasn't until she started to make You-Tube videos and placed this quote on her page that made me think twice "
Rembrandt would have never painted his beautiful portraits on a bumpy wrinkled ugly and old canvas, so why should you"-Michelle Phan.

I know it wasn't a direct hit towards me, but because of that quote she was no longer relate-able. It sucks because I do have a "bumpy" "ugly" "old" canvas. It sucks even more that because of that quote, I dare not to try any of her make up look because it wouldn't look good on this ugly canvas.  I don't hate MP. I hope you guys don't get any of that out of this blog. I hate that I HATE myself when I watch her videos.  Envy makes you turn into nawsty creatures. So to avoid being a monster and still holding my respects for her. I just don't watch her videos."

In case you didn't catch that horrid quote, let me pull it out on it's own:
"Rembrandt would have never painted his beautiful portraits on a bumpy wrinkled ugly and old canvas, so why should you" -Michelle Phan

Ouch, Michelle, kind of fucking mean don't you think? That quote can be taken different ways. One being that she thinks old people are ugly. She does use a ton of products that are labeled "anti-aging" or "ageless". I'm guessing she's afraid of growing old, more-so having the appearance. I suppose that wonderful saying "you're only as old as you feel" doesn't apply to her lavish gold digging lifestyle. But that quote also gives an idea of how high on herself she is. Now, maybe I am reading too deep into this, but we can all agree she's vain. I believe that Michelle has good skin because of genetics. One of my best friends has doll-like skin; no freckles, scars, or pimples to ever be seen, and her entire family is like that. But they don't decide to ditch their healthy diet and slather their skin in the most expensive anti-aging creams at the age of twenty-two!

Goodness, I am getting off topic. Anyway, the quote is just mean. Not every girl has perfect skin. Flawed skin can be caused by a bad diet, bad hygiene, hormone imbalance, illness, genetics, hell the list goes on and on. Not all of those problems are easy to control, and some of them can't be fixed. I do believe that Miss Phan would shit massive bricks if she ever had a cystic acne breakout on her face. Perhaps such a thing would knock her off of her high horse. 

Before I wrap this TL:DR post up, I want to discuss one more quote in this video. The entire video is cheesy, and everything she talks about is painfully cliche. But around 2:03 she says, "Physical beauty can only last for so long." Now, why do I get the feeling she isn't talking about death, but talking about how you look old and unappealing (in her world) by the time you hit 30? That is a horrible message to send out to fans. Especially considering her fanbase is made of up girls that aren't even ten years of age! Most of her dedicated fans are as old as fifteen, but they're too blinded by her fake smile to see what a phony she is. 

Even if Michelle's 15 minutes of fame are not up any time soon, I do hope that she stops sending such terrible messages to young fans. You don't have to have flawless skin to be beautiful. If anyone tells you that they're full of some massive steaming shit. And you don't have to be young to be beautiful. You don't lose you looks with age, they just change, and change is a part of life. Just like getting fifteen minutes of fame, moving to LA, and working full-time as a gold digger. Isn't that right, Michelle?