Saturday, August 21, 2010

"Oh ho ho, shit! I got you good, you fucker!"

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I will admit, I don't know an awful lot about Arissa Cheo, other than she's a gorgeous young woman living in LA. I don't know how she earns an income, who she dates, what she buys, or any of that juicy info. Some of my friends are fans of hers, simply because is pretty and creative. Fair enough, I do the same thing with lovely people. But it does look like Michelle Phan is copying her. I'm sorry, but but some of those resemblances are ridiculous and I can't pin them as a coincidence. Now a few, like the car mirror shot, a lot of people do that. But the photos with similar outfits, damn it screams ripoff. 

That last part is fucking gold. Who spends that much on a jacket? You do, Michelle. Quite often, I might add. This girl is digging herself the ultimate financially fucked hole. If you gave the average Joe $12,000 what do you think they would spend it on? Paying bills, get a different car/car repairs, paying off loans, going to college, anything important. Anything but a damn jacket that can't even be worn with different outfits or else it will look goofier than normal.

I don't know who made that image with the comparisons and jacket info, but sir or ma'am, I salute you.