Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion FAIL

Michelle recently made an appearance at a Sephora event in NY. She appeared on BlogTV for about twenty minutes, acted clueless about the questions she was asked, answered obviously staged questions, forced a fake smile (that looks the same in every photo) the entire time, ran off to take fan photos, and sported one of the most god awful and hideous ensembles I've EVER seen.

And here's her excuse for that horrid outfit:

Michelle is still pretending to be a gamer girl, and honestly her nerd attempts are getting sad and annoying. And how was that skirt an inspiration? Inspiration from a dying phoenix, a retarded chocobo? Please, someone explain.

Other than that, the rest of the outfit is quite unflattering as well. Michelle looks a bit stubby with her recent weight gain (I'm not saying she's fat by any means, but she has put on some weight). Those heels and footless tights/leggings/whatever are not doing her any favors. The shirt looks cropped, which doesn't flatter her either. And I always thought she looked like she was trying too hard when she wore blazers. The whole ensemble is fail covered in fail and sprinkled with fail.

I've never had the luxury of being rich off Youtube revenue and having a sugar daddy to carry enough shit around for three hours after shopping to get soar arms. I wonder what that feels like...

Accessorizing fail. Doesn't get much worse than this.