Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Oh, people are commenting now!

Figured I'd talk about this real quick while I'm being pestered about it...

I browsed through the comments real fast for the hell of it. To the people that see Michelle for the bag of shit she really is: Welcome. For super fans that believe Michelle can do no wrong and bash even the most polite (not saying I am) naysayers: I can see your IP addresses. You guys are really shitty trolls. And as an ex troll, I find your attempts hilarious. But keep commenting and sending me hate messages. You are perfect examples of hypocrites. And honestly, I feel sorry for you.

Anyway, I abandoned this blog for a while because I have a life. I'm not trying to be a smart ass, I'm being honest. I started this blog up around the time that the Michelle Phail Tumblr appeared. I wasn't trying to copy the Tumblr, I just wanted my own space to call out Michelle on her shit for my own reasons. And since my life got busier after the Tumblr appeared, I felt happy knowing they would post better information than I would, in a better fashion that I would. So after a while I started reading their posts, and forgot about this blog. And if fans need to be sent anywhere to see Michelle exposed, that Tumblr is the first place they should go.
Oh, and I'd like to thank the Tumblr for posting a link to my blog. The ladies that contribute to that page work their asses off and get their facts straight, and are super kind and fair about it.

Being polite is obviously not my thing. I know few people share my sense of humor and don't care for swearing. And that's fine. But this is my blog. I can swear if I want to, and make bad jokes if I want to. And when I get time, I will continue to post about MP and poke fun at her. What I will not do is drag her family into it, make threats to her, nor anything of the sort. I will, however, post screen caps, opinions, and probably some photoshops done by myself or others. And you can say "it's wrong" or "a waste of time" all you want. But you do the same stuff it in involves someone/thing you don't like. But most of you are blind hypocrites, so you won't care.

Oh, and I never advertised this blog on Guru Gossip for several reasons:
1. I was usually with a friend when viewing the forums, so I never did any talking for myself. And I didn't ask her to link to my blog just I really didn't think about it.
2. I was worried that my sense of humor and crude writing would make the forums look bad. The whole forum doesn't deserve crap because of my opinions and the way I express them.
3. I was concerned about trolls. But from what I have heard, the forum is covered with them now.

I don't know when I'll post something worth looking at on here again. If I drag my ass too much, I'll hand the reigns over to a friend that does share my sense of humor and is a potty mouth like I am. 

I'm not sure how to end this, so here's a lolcat: