Monday, October 24, 2011

It's that time of year again...

Time for more Michelle Phail cosplay disasters. One of this year's victims: Chi (or Chii) from Chobits. Like no one saw that coming.


With those contacts, and that vacant facial expression, she looks like she was possessed by a drug abusing demon that's in the mood for some munches. Not attractive. Chi can get away with such eyes because 1. she's a persocom and 2. she's a fictional character.

This isn't her worse cosplay attempt. I say that because others are far worse. All the princess looks she's done were mediocre at best. However, the cosplay make-up attempts in relation to anime/manga seem to be the holy grail of failure. Nana could have easily been done better. Hatsune Miku was fucking awful. 

Trying waaaaaaay too hard.

It is completely possible to execute brilliant cosplay without adding a dozen layers of "anime eyes" make-up.

Her Sailor Moon make-up, however, will probably always be the worst. 

People, when you draw anime eyes around your real eyes, you're not fooling anyone. You don't look like you jumped out of the manga nor TV and into the real world. You look like you drew a bunch of distracting shit on your face. This is something professional cosplayers laugh at. It looks absolutely ridiculous. 

I'm not even going to stick around to see how she ruins Rinoa. The costume is bad efuckingnough. She's going to ramble for too damn long about how she's a "gamer girl" and "true love yadda yadda" and more "omg I'm such a nerd"... Jesus Christ. Stop pretending to be part of my fandoms.  

Get that shit out of here.