Friday, September 9, 2011

Lela Warren - The drama continues...

Quick post will be quick. If you saw the last update, or keep up with GlitterSniffer Complaints on Facebook, you probably know what this is about.

"GlitterSniffer Cosmetics owner Lela Warren announced on her Facebook page today that she is contemplating a trip to my home state. In other news, while Lela plans vacations, people are still awaiting refunds. ~F"

Well, that's fucking scary. I'm sure the few die-hard fans that Lela has will applaud her for taking a "vacation" and blowing off refunds as hard as humanly possible.

Lela, being a horrible liar, actually said she was going to visit relatives in F's home state. If she had to mention "F's home state", you know something's up.

 "No, not at all, she just mentioned she wanted to "visit relatives" in F's home state."

Several comments expressed concern in F contacting her attorney and the authorities. Thankfully, she has already done so.

 "There is a screenshot, yes. And I have already been in touch with my attorney. ~F"

Stay safe, F. I wish you and your family safety, and if it comes down to it, a victorious lawsuit.